Nano ceramic product series
Advantages of technical properties of the wear-resistant nano-ceramic inner cylinder of PFG-NM preheater compared with heat-resistant steel
Our company initiated a project in December 2006 to develop nano-ceramic inner cylinders. The development was eventually successful after undergoing numerous laboratory experiments and field tests on the cement production line, representing the brainchild of more than 10 scientific researchers, experts, doctors, professors, and senior engineers from Henan University of Science and Technology, Zhongyuan University of Technology, Luoyang Institute of Refractory Materials and related cement plants.
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PFG-NM nano-ceramic wear-resistant inner cylinder of preheaters, various inner cylinders of separators
The internal environment of the preheater is complex and harsh. The cylinder is washed by a strong flow of dust and air, and corroded by the high-temperature atmosphere in acid and alkali.
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Tertiary air gate of nano-ceramic rotary kiln
Although the tertiary air gate plays an important role in the new dry cement production line, there are only two main materials currently used. The first one is pure heat-resistant steel plates (high-temperature stainless steel) with a service life of up to half a year.
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